The advantageous JAS certification

The JAS certification provides advantage in the market
Under the Food Safety Basic Act that took effect in July 2003, it is required to verify the safety and content indication of the products with self-responsibility. The enhanced monitoring under the law will be more severely pursued in the future as seen in the positive lists, and there will be differentiation by consumers and distributions between those who have official certificate or not. It will be more and more important to obtain JAS certification for advantage of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of OCO's professional audit process

Your company and products are protected by good quality audit process which is produced under the holistic understandings of requirements and the technical standards of certification.
OCO staffs perform the audit process which fits for your individual needs and requirements.
Audit processes based on the high quality OCO certifying program are carried out by the experienced OCO auditors who have completed with ISO auditing training and studied for the academic degree about organic.

Quality maintenance support after certification

Please feel free to ask for any questions about operation at any time
Unless you understand and operate the technical standard of certification, you will be for corrective measures and announced in public for suspension of rating service, suspension of shipment of rating product and withdrawal of certification. Withdrawals will lose your trust. To avoid that, OCO will support quality maintenance after certification by the staff in charge.

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